I am Javier, UX designer with more than 10 years experience in graphic and visual design. My background experience helps me to conceptualise and design for variety of analogue and digital products like magazines, newspapers, websites, videos and different Fine Art related products.

Working in different art departments for printing publications gave me the experience fast paced rhythm of design, working in teams and the collaboration between multi disciplinary departments. Taking daily design decisions helped me to develop an understanding of visual communication for mass audiences.

My previous experience in areas of lifestyle, art and culture, gives me the curiosity to research about the interaction of humans with technogy and their application on real life problems. Currently I am open for career opportunities where my creativity is needed and where I ---.

Please contact me for any work opportunity at cerrada.javier@gmail.com


J.Cerrada c/o Urbanski
Mannheimer Str. 14a,
10713 Berlin, Germany